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Teaching Your Kids to Call 911: A Comprehensive Guide

August 13, 2023

Teaching Your Kids to Call 911: A Comprehensive Guide

Every parent knows that safety comes first, especially when it comes to our children. Teaching kids how to call 911 is an essential skill that can make a significant difference in emergency situations. As moms of kids that are just starting school, it's crucial to equip our little ones with the knowledge they need to respond effectively to emergencies. In this article, we'll explore the best ways to teach your children about calling 911, even if you don't have a landline.  

When to Start Teaching: Safety education begins early. Start introducing the concept of emergencies and the importance of calling 911 as soon as your child can understand. Around the age of 3 or 4, kids can grasp basic concepts. However, the exact age might vary based on their individual development.

Using a Smartphone: In today's digital age, smartphones are a common tool in households. Teaching your child to call 911 using a smartphone is essential. Show them how to unlock the phone (if necessary), access the emergency call feature, and dial 911. Role-playing scenarios can help them practice what to do in a calm and focused manner.

What if You Don't Have a Landline: Many households have moved away from traditional landline phones. If you don't have one, don't worry. Cell phones can be just as effective. Make sure your child knows how to navigate to the emergency dialing screen on your smartphone. Additionally, teach them how to find your address in the phone's "Emergency Information" section, which can be vital for dispatchers to know your location.

Steps to Teach Your Kids:

  1. Stay Calm: Explain that calling 911 is for emergencies only, like when someone is hurt or in danger.
  2. Memorize Important Information: Teach your child their full name, your address, and your phone number. This information helps the operator send help quickly.
  3. Practice Role-Playing: Create scenarios where your child has to call 911. Practice what to say to the operator, emphasizing the importance of speaking clearly and staying calm.
  4. Repeat and Reinforce: Regularly revisit the topic to reinforce the lessons. Use reminders like posters with emergency numbers in easy-to-see places.
  5. Discuss Not Making Prank Calls: Stress the seriousness of calling 911 and the importance of never making prank calls, as it can hinder genuine emergency responses.

Teaching your kids to call 911 is an ongoing process. Regular conversations and role-playing can help instill confidence in them to act appropriately during emergencies.

Empowering your children with the ability to call 911 is a critical step toward their safety. As moms, we can take the lead in educating our kids about emergencies, the importance of 911, and how to use smartphones for such situations. By starting early and repeating the lessons, we can help our kids be prepared and stay safe in times of need.

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