We all want a calm, happy, and healthy household.  Let's be honest, parenting is HAARRDD sometimes.  We are two experts that are here to help.  This last year hasn't been easy for ANYONE.  We will take you from exhausted and angry to calm and empowered to have a happy household again!


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We are also best friends, Registered Psychologists, and, most importantly, moms (to 4 kids aged 5 and under) who struggled significantly in the postpartum period. From months-long NICU stay to birth trauma and postpartum anxiety—we truly have experienced many of the topics we talk about!

We recently wrote a book entitled Not your Mother’s Postpartum Book published through PESI Publishing LTD, where we deep dive into all the things no one talks about in the postpartum period. We cover topics from postpartum mental health, birth trauma, infertility and pregnancy loss, relationships, boundaries, social media, and much more.


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For us, your mental health is a priority!

We have helped hundreds and moms and parents find a new sense calm and clarity in both their role as a mom and their role outside of momhood.  Come get to know us, Caitlin & Chelsea


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This was a very non-judgemental book that normalized a lot of what I’ve been feeling post partum. It was straight to the point and easy to pick up and put down between the many distractions of motherhood. Definitely recommend for anyone that isn’t quite feeling themselves PP.


 As someone who has read a few books on this topic after having my first child, I can confidently say that this book is the most comprehensive and relatable one out there.

One of the things that struck me about this book is how candid and trustworthy the authors are in sharing their own experiences and those of other mothers. It felt like they really understood what I was going through during my postpartum period and were able to provide a sense of comfort and understanding that I desperately needed.


EVERY MAMA SHOULD READ THIS...because we all go through the postpartum phase and if you do not struggle with this phase then you will be prepared to help other mama friends if they do! It touches on so many raw topics that often get glossed over by medical staff (personal experience), books, baby classes, friends and family...it touches on the uncomfortable topics that are REAL everyday experiences of moms ...burnout, racing thoughts, relationship changes, the mental load of mothers...so that even now being a couple years postpartum at least half of this book is still very relevant and extremely helpful to myself.
These ladies do not sugarcoat motherhood, but rather give you real, practical knowledge and advice with loving kindness. This book very likely will save many lives and is invaluable.

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I WISH I had met them earlier in my postpartum journey 


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