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Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child

Do some of the mainstream parenting strategies not work for your child? Imagine feeling CONFIDENT in raising your Highly Sensitive Child.


Beyond Baby Blues

A comprehensive course designed to empower mothers in navigating the challenges of motherhood.

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We break down the research, explore good quality shows and explore shows that you will WANT on your TV

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Hi, we are Caitlin & Chelsea

Founders of MamaPsychologists
Caitlin Slavens
Psychologist, MC

When I was pregnant, I felt like I got this, as a Psychologist I help kids and their parents everyday with challenges, surely I will be able to understand this "mom" thing

Wow. I felt like I was prepared for a 6 year old. Not a newborn. Intro into motherhood was straight up ROUGH. My postpartum anxiety reared it's head and I felt unable to cope. As a psychologist I also felt very unprepared for the postpartum mental health struggles that followed.

MamaPsychologists was born when my second came along. I was determined to have a different postpartum experience and was frustrated at the lack of credible resources for moms and mental health during the postpartum period.

Chelsea Bodie
Psychologist, Bsc, MACP, RPsych

After unexpectedly having my son at 27 weeks 5 days, I was quickly thrown into motherhood and NICU life. Falling more on the postpartum depression side and struggling with the aftermath of being in NICU for months, I knew I wanted to help other parents whose journeys don't go as expected.

"Caitlin and Chelsea broke down a topic that is filled with contradicting advice and strategies in a way where I felt like understandable and digestable.."

— Malek