All The Tools You Need To Successfully Transition Back to School or Daycare

Are you feeling anxious about sending your kids to school??

Are you feeling anxious about how you make this transition a successful one?

Are you feeling unsure about how to manage balancing work life/ home life??

Are you wondering about the impact of daycare on parent-child attachment?

JOIN CAITLIN, CHELSEA, and DR. KIMBERLEY from @mamapsychologists and @the_psychologists_child as we empower you with support and strategies to manage back to school and back to work transitions!

Need this!!

Know what to do to Reduce Tantrums!

  • Strategies to lessen your child’s anxiety around daycare/school
  • How to reduce tantrums and promote independence

Help For You!

  • Strategies to Manage Your Anxiety Around Back to Work
  • Ways to Set Boundaries Around Back to Work/Dealing with Unsolicited Advice/comments
  • Ways to Balance mom life/work life

Transition Strategies for Your Kids

  • An understanding of attachment
  • Tips for making the transition to school/daycare as successful as possible for your little one
  • How to find High Quality Childcare