We focus so much on the birth of a new baby that we forget there has been a birth of a new mother 


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Hi Friends!!! So glad you are here.  First off I am Caitlin and I love coffee, curling, and country music.  So glad you are here!!

I had 2 under 2, I was struggling, it felt like I was drowning, even the simplest tasks like unloading the dishwasher seemed overwhelming.  Aaand then, the tantrums, the bedtime struggles, the screentime struggles.  It was HAARD.  We here you mama, we were there. 

We have the strategies and the support to help you enjoy motherhood again!!


After unexpectedly having my son at 27weeks5 days, I was quickly thrown into motherhood and NICU life. Falling more on the postpartum depression side and struggling with the aftermath of being in NICU for months, I knew I wanted to help other parents whose journeys don't go as expected 

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