Stressing about Screentime?!

 Hi! We are Caitlin and Chelsea and we are going to take the stress and guilt out of screentime.


We are going to break down the research, explore good QUALITY shows and talk about the Cocomelon drama (spoiler alert: you are not going to ruin your child by watching a show)

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Can you relate?

  • You are tired of the ONE MORE SHOW pushback
  • You feel unsure what they should be watching and "how much is too much?"
  • You want to cut back on screentime but don't know where to start
  • You want to understand what the research actually shows and what is fear mongering

We have done the heavy lifting for you and we know you will walk away with the EDUCATION and STRATEGIES you need to feel in control about screentime in your home. 


Is there any value to screentime??

A world without screens does not exist anymore. We will answer your questions about HOW and IS there any value to screentime?!


BONUS: We have broken down the research and will give you the information that matters

What should we be looking for in a show?

We will help you choose the BEST type of screentime for your child!! And what makes a high quality show that doesn't drive you crazy!!


BONUS: Show recommendations that aren't from 30 years ago

Preventing Screentime Tantrums

Will will give you the tools to prevent screentime tantrums and the dreaded JUST ONE MORE show pleading.  


BONUS: We will teach you HOW to promote independent play/

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Iphone, TV, IPAD? Does it matter?

We are going to break down what devices are the best to use, easiest and HARDEST to transition from

How to Promote Learning and Co-view

We will give you the questions to ask to promote learning and what makes an enriching co-viewing experience

What does this all include?

  • Our 60 minute best selling workshop plus 30 minutes of Q and A
  • Recording of presentation that you will have unlimited access to
  • Ongoing Q and A on our screentime discussion forum
  • List of High Quality Shows
  • Scripts to have SMOOTH screentime transitions
  • Questions to promote a learning experience when co-viewing


  • Our Exclusive Guide to Parenting when you are tired AF - 25 Activities when you are beat and your kids STILL want to play.
  • Our best selling guide to Highly Sensitive Parents
  • Exclusive Access to MamaPsychologists: Moms Supporting Moms Facebook Group

Meet the Psychologists 

Hi! We are Caitlin and Chelsea, two Registered Psychologists, moms, and moms who struggled BIG TIME with screentime.

We decided to dive deep into the research and take our personal and professional knowledge to make this topic easy to digest for parents.

You will learn about our approaches to screentime and walk away feeling CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED and with a screen time plan that works for your family!

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"I seriously learned so much and feel so much more educated about screentime"


"Caitlin and Chelsea broke down a topic that is filled with contradicting advice and strategies in a way where I felt like understandable and digestable.."


"The best $47 I have ever spent. Thanks for the strategies and support!!!"



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