How to Handle Tantrums Successfully!

Yes, it can happen!! We will teach how to minimize tantrums and build lifelong emotional regulation tools!


Feel Confident and Empowered to Handle whatever Tantrum Comes Your Way.

We are 2 moms to 4 kids under 5.  We get it. We have been there, getting the side-eye from the know it all at the grocery store or feeling like we want to avoid what we usually do just to avoid a tantrum

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Put Your Hand Up if You..

Give in to avoid tantrums?!

Feel as if the tantrums leave you feeling drained, questioning yourself, and frustrated!

Feel like you have tried every trick in the book?!

Are wondering if this typical or is there something more going on?!


Just for a minute, imagine if...

You felt in control over situations, not the situations controlling YOU

You knew how to manage your BIG emotions in response to your childs

You set a limit and your child responded to it the FIRST time

You actually welcomed tantrums, rather than dread them

You felt confident in how to handle a tantrum


Whether your child is 6 months or 6 years, it is important to learn how to navigate tantrums to set their later years up for success!!

Believe us, we KNOW what it is like to navigate the toddler stage where it seems that BIG EMOTIONS spill out all the time. 

Frustration and big big emotions can lead to even BIGGER tantrums.

  We know you want to figure out a way to help them navigate through it but for many parents they find themselves frustrated as well or feeling like they are walking on eggshells, trying to avoid the next tantrum 

We know this stage can test the patience of even the most understanding of parents.

In our LIVE workshop we are going to figure WHY the tantrums are happening and give you realistic and actionable strategies to manage them in the moment, and our strategies for after the moment


We will give you practical, realistic, and lifelong tools to help you have more of the good moments and less of the chaotic moments

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How to Handle a Tantrum


We will walk you through step by step handling a full blown tantrum like a pro. We will give you the skills AND the confidence to welcome any tantrums that come your way!!

How to respond to challenging behaviours


We will teach how to respond to challenging behaviours (hitting, biting, "bad words") in an effective manner

Public Tantrums!


Ugh we know the looks whether it's at the park, middle of the grocery store or a birthday party. We will give you the skills and confidence to manage these public tantrums

Why old school methods don't work


We know your parents, in laws, or other friends have likely given you unsolicited advice already.  We will teach you why these methods aren't super effective and give you the strategies that actually work!!