Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child

The only course for Highly Sensitive Children that you need


Raise your hand if...

Does your child take a long time to warm up?

Are their emotions a lot bigger and more intense than others?

Are they easily bothered by sounds, smells, tastes more than others?

Struggle with changes?

Your child STILL struggles with sleep??

Raising a Highly Sensitive Child isn't easy, but we have you covered. 

Do some of the mainstream parenting strategies not work for your child??

Do you feel like you have tried every "trick in the book" and nothing seems to be really helping.  It may be that you have a Highly Sensitive Child on your hands.

Is there anything wrong with this?? Absolutely not, in fact, if given the right conditions, this child will flourish more than others. 

Some children are like dandelions, give them any environment and they respond well.  And other   children are like orchids. They need the right environment in which to thrive.


What we will teach you:

We will help you identify whether your child is Highly Sensitive and where on the spectrum of sensitivity they are

Develop an understanding of what sensory stimuli sets them off and what can soothe them

Develop concrete and actionable strategies that actually work (not just validating the feeling)

How to create meaningful connection with your child 

How to teach your child emotional regulation that will help them throughout their life

Develop the confidence to know how to help your highly sensitive child



From Bedtime Struggles to Potty Training Stress and BIIIGG meltdowns. We cover EVERY topic you need


I am ready!!!!

What Makes Up a Highly Sensitive Person

We will answer some of the frequently asked questions about what makes up a highly sensitive person & characteristics of a highly sensitive child

Understanding the Brain of the Highly Sensitive Child

We will explore how and why the brain of a highly sensitive child is different and its benefits!

I'm Not Highly Sensitive and I Struggle to Understand...

This module will help you connect and understand your Highly Sensitive Child

We are both Highly Sensitive and I get soo overwhelmed!

We will help you find your sense of CALM and ways to calm your system. BONUS - A whole guide on the Highly Sensitive Parent 

Building Confidence in your Highly Sensitive Child

These kids can be more vulnerable to self esteem struggles. We give you the steps to build and enhance their self esteem

The Highly Sensitive Infant 

We will go over myths and facts about highly sensitive infants and ways to tighten that bond between you and baby

Highly Sensitive Child

- Eating Struggles

-Bedtime Struggles

- Potty Training

- Meltdowns & Tantrums


- Dressing struggles


Starting School & Daycare

We cover strategies to help your highly sensitive child separate where you and them BOTH feel good!

School Age and Beyond

We will go over how Highly Sensitive kids learn and how they can thrive!!

Are you a Highly Sensitive Parent and are wondering how to deal with your overstimulation??

We will explore WHY you feel more overstimulated than ever AND give you concrete and actionable strategies to create a greater sense of calm in your environment

Yes, please!!

Have you wondered if you are a Highly Sensitive Person?

  • We will go over the characteristics and traits and a Highly Sensitive Person
  • We will teach you how to handle the tricky emotions like anger & anxiety

Are you feeling overstimulated by all the things?!

  • We will give you evidence-based strategies for dealing with sensory overload
  • Actionable strategies that will shift how you deal with your environment


This is another MUCH requested resource for Highly Sensitive Parents.  If you are wondering if you are Highly Sensitive, or are looking for tips to cope, we got you covered!!


Meet Chelsea and Caitlin, Registered Psychologist and Mom to 4 kids under 5!

Hi! We are so glad you  are here! We are Chelsea and Caitlin, two Registered Psychologist and mama to 4 little ones.

We are here because we have been there, thinking something is wrong with me or something is wrong with my child?? Why does everything seem trickier with them!!

We had this workshop in mind for parents of Highly Sensitive Children AND for parents who are Highly Sensitive themselves. From the parent who is struggling to regulate her emotions to the mom feeling a shame spiral because of the amount of yelling.

This workshop will be different.  This workshop will leave you with the answers of WHY your child seems more reactive than others and strategies that actually WORK!!


We know you will walk away with strategies and knowledge that will help you so much with your Highly Sensitive Child

If it doesn't we will refund you completely. 

Buy now ($47)