Mom Friends

Jul 22, 2021

Mom Friends are important, but the pressure to have a create a mom squad can be overwhelming. The truth of the matter is, it is not always that simple or easy creating your mom community. We hear from mom’s all the time, describing that they feel lonely or wish they had more connections or mom friends. It is hard because social media highlights it or stresses the importance and yet we can’t always find it.


Having a mom community or mom friends is important part through the transition to motherhood. Research shown that perceived positive social supports can help elevate struggles such as postpartum depression and increase the likelihood of more positive outcome.

One thing to keep in mind as we discuss this is, community looks different to everyone!

You get to define what this means to you. Do you need a couple good friends that you chat with once in a while? Do you need a large community around you? Are mom friends also from your family? This also applies to what type of connection and time is needed is also up to you. Do you need a monthly in-person coffee date? Do quick check ins over text feel like enough?


Why they are important?


They can help you feel less alone in motherhood

Mom tips, tricks, advice, or a place to vent

They can help find you find your own individuality

They can provide aspects that are different from romantic relationships



Common Barriers to obtaining and maintain mom friends


Hard to find people you feel like you connect with or have similar beliefs as you



Coordinating Schedules

In the era of COVID: Not being able to attend mom groups, peoples, comfort levels, and general restrictions




Friendship red flags

They don’t respect your needs

They don’t respect your boundaries

It feels too inconsistent for you

It feels one sided

There feels as though there is constant comparison

Conflict continual arises

You feel as though you cannot be your authentic self




Ways to Build your support System


Use online resources and communities

Take turns making plans

Micro-Dates (short and sweet)

Group texts

Mom playdates

Neighbourhood community

Creating networks or support within your family



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