Birth Trauma & Navigating NICU




"Everyone keeps telling me I should get over it, but it keeps replaying for me"


We have heard from thousands of parents impacted by birth trauma.  There is a demand for education and support around this topic.  We are certified in trauma treatment, and Chelsea has additional training and certification in birth trauma. We are here for you. 

  • What is birth trauma?
  • What are the signs and symptoms??
  • How can I manage my symptoms?
  • An action plan to get you feeling like yourself
  • Where to seek support
  • BONUS for NICU/Preemie Parents: How to survive the NICU



It wasn't supposed to be like this...

Parents experiencing NICU stays are often shocked experiencing a wide range of emotions. Navigating NICU is a special workshop conducted by Chelsea. A former NICU mom of a 27weeker. In addition to real life experience of a 3 1/2 month NICU stay, she also has specialized training in Perinatal Mental Health, NICU, Birth Trauma, and More!

  • Common Causes for NICU Stays 
  • Birth Trauma
  • Managing Guilt & Shame
  • Survival Tips
  • Ways to bond as a family
  • Preparing to Return home 
  • Ways people can support someone in the NICU
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Meet the Moms behind @mamapsychologists 

Chelsea Bodie


Hi! I am Chelsea, Co-founder of @mamapsychologists. Registered Psychologist: Perinatal Specialist, Birth Trauma, Maternal Mental Health, and Children/ Adolescent Mental Health expertise. I am the mom to an amazing little boy who should up 12 weeks early! So honoured to be able to provide this resource and some personal insight to you.

Caitlin Slavens 

Hi! I am Caitlin co-founder of @mamapsychologists, Registered Psychologist, trauma, children's mental health and parenting specialist! But most importantly, mom to two amazing toddlers.  I am so excited to be here providing this valuable resource to you.



Working through my birth trauma has changed my life.  I no longer feel alone in my journey, I understand and appreciate what my body did for me"